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These minutes are subject to the approval of the municipal commission. TOWN OF FARGO COMMISSION MINUTES 5/2/22 Approval of Consent Agenda: Commissioner Strand moved that the Consent Agenda be approved as follows: 1. Buyout Agreement Interest and Escrow Agreement – Pace Program with Bank of ND for redemption purposes on interest loan received by Epic Gateway N RE Holdings LLC. 2. Letter of support for PharmaMed Automation, Inc. to the ND Opportunity Fund. 3. Reject bids for Civic Center parking ramp expansion and reconsider project in 2023. 4. Receive and file orders. Related to: Classification of the Ord. offences; Intl. Building Code; Int. residential code; Intl. Existing building. Coded; Intl. mechanical code; Intl. Fuel Gas Code; Intl. Maint. Coded; Intl. Energy Conservation Code; Protection and prevention of fires. 5. Site Permissions for Gambling. 6. Gambling Requests. 7. Application to add a new owner on the Class “ABH-Limited” liquor license at the Fargo Residence Inn at 4335 23rd Ave. S. 8. Ext. of Class “AC” liquor license for Northern Prairie Performing Arts d/b/a The Stage at Island Park, FM Community Theater until 11/01/22. 9. Agreement for special imps. with Tillstone Group, LLC (Special Imp. Dist. No. BN-22-F1). 10. Agreement for special imps. with Scheels All Sports, Inc. (Special Imp. Dist. No. BN-22-K1). 11. Use of CARES funds for cleaning services at Downtown and Carlson libraries. 12. Access easement (street, water, sewer) with SE Cass Water Resource Dist. 13. Access and maintenance of the pond. Servitude with Tillstone Group, LLC. 14. License Agreement with US Department of Energy WAPA. 15. Memorandum of Offer to Landowner for Easement (Temporary Construction Easement) with Adam and Marcy Rinas. 16. Variation Order No. 1 and Final Balancing Variation Order No. 2 for Project No. PR-21-A1. 17. Auction Announcement. for project no. SR-22-C. 18. Allocation of tenders for projects Nos. SL-22-A1, TN-22-B1 and TP-21-B1. 19. SSP for 3 years. period for replacement purchases from several existing suppliers at FARGODOME. 20. State Water Commission’s request for reimbursement of FM subway costs. Flood Risk Management Area Project. 21. Notice of Grant Award with NDDES Div. of Homeland Security for the 2020-2021 fiscal year Hazardous Materials Emerg. Preparedness Training Scholarship. 22. Award of tender for the architectural design services of fire stations 2 and 8. 23. Award of tender for the mowing of tall grass and weeds. 24. Resolution approving the 2022 Annual Action Plan, Fair Housing Barriers Analysis and Amendments to the 2021 Annual Action Plan for the Comm. Dev. Block grant programs and HOME. 25. Resolutions Approving Plats for Bank Forward, Univ. S. 3rd and West Acres 7th Addns. 26. Request for Proposals for Indoor Firing Range Upgrade. 27. Allocation of the bid for the 2022/2023 highway. de-icing salt contract. 28. Modify command no. 2 for GTC Ext. Renovation. 29. Contracts and Bonds for Project Nos. SR-22-B1 and UR-21-B1. 30. Invoices. 31. Memorandum of Offer to Landowner for Easement (Temporary Construction Easement) with Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust for Imp. Dist. No. BN-22-F1. 32. Create Imp. Dist. No. BN-22-F. 33. Declare Sufficient Protests and Reject Offers for Imp. Dist. No. AN-22-A1. 34. Tender price for Imp. Dist. Our BN-22-K1 and PR-22-C1. 35. Contracts and obligations for Imp. Dist. Our BN-22-J1 and PR-22-F1. Second by Gehrig. There was unanimous approval. Resident Comments: Jacqueline Dotzenrod, Victoria Johnson, Will Thompson and Ves Marinov spoke. Application for transfer of liquor license from The Hotel Donaldson, LLC d/b/a Hotel Donaldson to Blarney Stone Pub HoDo, LLC d/b/a Blarney Stone Pub HoDo Approved: Commissioner Piepkorn moved approval. Second by Preston. There was unanimous approval. Terri Gayhart named director. of Finance: Commissioner Strand moved approval. Second by Preston. There was unanimous approval. Presentation on NDDOT Funding Proposal: Commissioner Strand offered to join local leaders in pursuing the issue of funding. Second by Piepkorn. There was unanimous approval. Modified Engineer’s Report and Modified Cost Sharing and Maintenance. Agreement with NDDOT for Imp. Dist. No. BR-22-A1 Approved: Commissioner Piepkorn moved approval. Second by Gehrig. There was unanimous approval. Discussion regarding the new W. Fargo Elem. School at Rocking Horse Farm Addn. : Tender price for Imp. Dist. No. UN-22-M1: Commissioner Preston moved approval. Second by Piepkorn. There was unanimous approval. Agreement for Early Bldg. Licensed with West Fargo Public School Dist. No. 6 Approved (Imprint Dist. No. UN-22-M1): Commissioner Gehrig moved concurrence. Second by Preston. There was unanimous approval. Progress report on TIF distributions. : The city prosecutor must meet the lawyers of Roers Dev. : Commissioner Gehrig moved approval. Second by Strand. All Commissioners voted yes except Commissioner Preston who voted no and the motion was declared carried. Sale of City-owned property at 401 3rd Ave N. Approved: Staff to draft dev. Agreement with Green Acre/Lloyd Companies. : Commissioner Gehrig moved approval. Second by Preston. All Commissioners voted yes, except Commissioner Strand who voted no and Commissioner Piepkorn abstained, and the motion was declared carried. VNDRNAME Vndramt Advanced Engineering Inc 87,947.46 Advantage Credit Bureau Inc $11.75 APEX Engineering Group Inc $3,926.20 Aqua-Pure Inc $1,390.00 Bailey Nurseries Inc $17,749.23 Bebler, Dylan $15.00 Bidledhile Porcession Blued 00 Blaide Blunie.$95. OF NORTH $1,091,418.41 BOAS NORTHPORT FARGO LLC $5,716.00 BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES $3,642.00 MN BUREAU OF CRIMINAL APPREHENSION $1,020.00 RACHEL BURNS $157.96 CARDINAL HEALTH 110, LLC $902.16 CENTRE INC $2,050.00 CHIEF FRANK SENN $300.00 CHRISTIANSONS BUSINESS $218.48 CLAY COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE $10,268.33 CONNECT INTERIORS, LLC $4,999.32 COX, GENISE $15.00 Crosscountry Freight Solutions, Inc $129.41 Patrick Dahl $160.00 Discovery Benefits $1469.18 DONATIONS ACTOW LAVES INC $330.41 Shawn Eckre $147.00 Karen Eisenhardt $105.85 GRAPHIX $89.50 TOXICITY CONTROXIQUE INC 2,275.00 First Transit Inc 369,307.84 FM FM and 39.00 First Transit Inc 369.33 M Convention and visitors $69,865.78 FM Electric Inc $25,422.25 G&R controls $714.49 Samuel Griesel ACHIM $500.00 HDR Engineering Inc $2,290.00 Paradise’s Best Carpet Cleaning $434.00 Hofer Signes $4,960.00 JONDY HOYEM $59.09 HTP LLC $4,070.00 KODRU-MOONEY $15,649.95 KVRR $25,405.00 LABOR MASTERS $561.60 BRETT LENNOX $160 .00 LIBERTY BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC $64.41 ANDREA LIMB $234.01 MARCO TECHNOLOGIES LLC $421.00 MEGAN BERGSETH NAAS IRREVOCABLE $23,815.00 MID-STATES WIRELESS INC $333.75 MINNKOTA RECYCLING INC $9,915.88 MOBOTREX INC $6,650.00 MOORHEAD PUBLIC SERVICE $375.00 MOORHEAD, Ville de (Transit) 12 955,08 $ Morlock, Coleen $104.10 Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company $26,999.82 Public Health Laboratory $2,629.00 Nd State Radio Communica $5,944.00 Nelson Auto Center 29,998.00 North Star Polygraph & Forensic SVC 4,825.00 North Improvement Co CO $39.538 $439.68 NorthStar Safety Inc $5,364.60 Office Surveyors $109.50 Elliott Olerud $288.00 Scott Olson $119.34 Olympic Sales Inc $198.66 OSI ENVERTISEL INC $100.00 DOOR DE LA PORTÉ Associates Inc $1,331.64 Radio FM Media $23,417 Rape and Abuse Crisis Center $83.34 Reach Partners Inc. INC. 0.02 TRAFFIC CONTROL CORPORATION $1,700.00 VINCE ULSTAD $105.27 ULTIMATE TRANSPORTATION $131.92 USALCO FAIRFIELD PLANT, LLC $89,471.22 VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER $45.11 WALKER CONSULTANTS $36,797.00 WATER SMITH INC $4,252.00 WDAY TV $65,025.00 WEX $116.00 XCEL ENERGY $134,420.34 YWCA $41.66 AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE $1,162.44 AXA EQUITABLE $1,045.00 CITY & COUNTY EMPLOYEE CREDIT Union 38,095.00 Colonial Life $8.00 Conseco Health Insurance Company $73.48 Firefighter Charity Fund $222.50 Wells Fargo 90,929.79 Jefferson National Life Assurance $15.00 Matrix Trust Company 11,367.22 Minnesota Child Payment CTR CTR 1,652.8 NORTH ISCURIPTION OF THE OLD PROVIDENCE PROVIDENCE WAY OF CASS-CLAY $443.84 ZUNTAFI CORP $178.09 ADVANCED ENGINEERING INC $389.51 ADVANCED ENGINEERING INC $505,374.70 ALL TERRAIN GROUNDS MAINT INC 3,193. $00 AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS $280.56 APEX ENGINEERING GROUP INC $51,257.67 ASPLIN EXCAVATING INC $481.00 Automated maintenance 33,697.00 $ CapFirst Equipment Finance, Inc $8,210.00 Cardinal Health 110, LLC $300.72 Cass County Electric Coop $52.55 Cass County Finance $704.92 CC Steel, LLC 76,487.78 Christianons Custom 96,481.49 CHOMIG $1,040.40 BENJAMIN DOW $318.04 ENGRAPHIX $340.35 ENHANCED PROPERTIES INC $2,528.00 EVANSON, COURTNY $274.74 FAMILY HEALTH CARE $2,420.00 FARGO PARK DISTRICT $214,704.49 FARGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS $2,867.20 FARSTAD OIL $435.54 FLEXIBLE PIPE TOOL COMPANY $3,854.70 FLINT COMMUNICATIONS INC $2,680.00 FULL COMPASS SYSTEMS, LTD $1,384.38 G & R CONTROLS $664.03 GLENNS Body Repair Inc 10 691, 78 Gopher State One-Call $2.70 Grand Forks Fire Equipment LLC $659.06 Great Northern Environmental, LLC $2,018.45 Greystone Construction Company $1500.00 Daniel Haman $181.20 Hawkins Inc 31,377.12 Michael Howley 500.00 HDRER J D POWER AND ASSOCIATES $630.00 JEFF’S PLUMBING & DRAIN CLEANING $172.00 TANNER KARGER $86.19 KILLORAN TRUCKING & BROKERAGE INC $15,310.43 MICHAEL KLEIN H $5,849.01 LARSON WELDING & Machine Co Inc $1,026.00 League of MN Cities $126.50 Lexines $126.50 Coplogic Solutions Inc $17,750.00 Lindemann, A Willis $451.15 Logo 2 Prom $238.00 Sidney Mack J $144.04 COMMUNICATION AMAME AMERICA 16,442.96 MOOR Lift $150.00 Nelson Auto Center $169,648.00 Northdale Oil Inc $233.01 on Wall Advertising Inc $300.00 Elliott Olerud $288.00 Olympic Sales Inc $1,401.00 Outdoor Ventures $300.00 Pacific Consolidated Industries Llc 19,511.30 Paradigm Software Llc 4866.20 PRESONS $39.6 PRESONIR $39.6 PRESONIR. ICTOMETRY INTERNATIONAL CORP $19,650.00 RL ENGEBRETSON ARCHETECTS FARGO $7,860.00 RDO EQUIPMENT CO $184.46 RED RIVER CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY $225.00 REUBEN’S MACHINE INC $2,400.00 ROCHESTER ARMORED CAR CO INC $273.16 SEON DESIGN USA CORP $918.00 SERKLAND LAW FIRM $1,342.00 SERVICEMASTER CLEANING $1,872.00 SIMPLIFILE LC $91.50 SKOOTERS PLUMBING $200.00 TANNER SMEDSHAMMER $236.80 SPRENGER , Terri Leier $3,695.00 Stacks Electric Motor $156.00 Strata Corporation $1,208.00 Swanston Equipment Corp 4,906.82 Engineering Company $12,122.28 Thermo King of Fargo & Isuzu Diesel $333.64 TOAY, Brian or Kristin $2,000. $2,416.10 WHITWORTHKEE CONSULTING $23,075.00 WILD|CRG, LTD $1,080.00 XCEL ENERGY $36,761.01 XCEL ENERGY $106,226.18 $10,183,308.52 (May 18, 2022) 64138


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