Problems Resolving Mesa Complex After Residents Leave Without Air Conditioning


MESA, AZ – People living in an apartment complex in Mesa are hoping their air conditioning won’t turn off again.

Some said they were left in their apartment at Tides on University for almost a week without fresh air.

The management group told ABC15 the issue had been resolved, but tenants said they were still having issues.

“Honestly, I feel like it could have killed me, it was so hot in here,” Bonnie Brockway said.

But the noise of the air relieves Brockway. “It’s been going on for a good week and a half, and a week ago on Saturday they brought this thing to me,” Brockway said, pointing to a portable air conditioning unit.

The 80-year-old ended up with just a portable unit. She said she was grateful for any help, but it wasn’t enough to chill her unit.

“There were two nights where I put ice cubes in a towel and put them under my face,” Brockway said. “It was so hot.”

She has no family in the area and relies on meals on wheels.

She says trying to transfer all her medicine and items to the one friend who could have accommodated her would have been too much.

Other families and renters told us they were also having trouble finding a hotel covered by management or somewhere to stay.

“I was very happy when my friend said I saw your story was on the news,” Brockway said.

The Tides on University is managed by The Robinson Group. After ABC15 aired two stories, the group told us on June 10 that the situation had been resolved, but a few days later Brockway said there were still issues.

“We got another email saying there was another problem, and it will take another two hours and then we’ll be fine,” Brockway said.

After going hours without air conditioning, it’s now back on, but residents received a message this week saying a temporary cooler had been installed.

Large equipment surrounded by cones could be seen in the parking lot.

“I would expect a week and a half credit on my next rent bill just for being human,” Brockway said.

Something the Robinson Group has said is that they will give credit to people who have found another place to stay.

“You can’t live in Arizona like this, not at my age,” Brockway said.

We contacted The Robinson Group who sent us the following statement:

Thank you for contacting us. Yes, the chiller is operational again. While it was being fixed we make the executive decision to get a brand new temp cooler which is even larger than what was on site previously installed to ensure there is no breakdown during these summer months. We have also purchased a brand new cooler for the community which should arrive in 2-3 months pending shipping delays. Residents will have no problem moving forward.

Our investigation team has options for tenants who feel they have been left without essential services.


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