Healthcare providers able to offer 100% patient approval


Bakersfield, Calif., April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Healthcare Finance Direct (HFD), the leading provider of pay-over-time solutions for the elective healthcare industry, enables providers to offer a funding to patients with a 100% patient approval rate. Over the past 13 years, HFD’s product has consistently enabled providers to shift their conversations with patients from cost to affordability, which in turn helps plan more treatments for patients, improve outcomes patient health and to foster profitable practice growth. The 100% Approval Process is a sustainable, tried and tested funding solution that healthcare providers trust and recommend to their patients.

Credit score alone is not the best indicator of a patient’s ability to pay for their treatments,” said Tyler Johnson, CEO of Healthcare Finance Direct. “Many patients most in need of treatment have difficult credit histories. When providers advertise that they offer 100% approvals, patients arrive knowing they will have access to an affordable payment option. »

HFD provides non-invasive dental, vision, audiology, and cosmetic practices across the United States with customized patient financing solutions. HFD works with suppliers to identify their financial goals and then develops a solution that meets those goals. Because HFD is not backed by a single bank, HFD develops creative solutions that can be optimized for patient approval rates, patient conditions, provider conditions, or a combination of these. HFD enables vendors to offer 100% approvals with no partial approvals, simple application workflow, simple APIs for partner integrations, and white label customization.

“Our goal is to help underserved people afford health care that improves their quality of life,” said Luke Johnson, CMO of Healthcare Finance Direct. “With 100% patient financing approvals, every patient has access to a pay-over-time option that helps them pay for the treatment they need.”

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HFD is the leading Buy Now, Pay Later platform for elective healthcare procedures. HFD provides an end-to-end solution that allows providers to approve 100% of their patients without sacrificing their margins or patient experience to traditional subprime lenders. With recourse and non-recourse options available, HFD is on a mission to disrupt the patient financing industry, so that every patient has affordable financing options for their healthcare, regardless of their credit rating.


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