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Be a motherhood is arguably the most demanding job on the planet, requiring skills far beyond a nurturing spirit. Today’s moms will tell you that the biggest challenge is finding a balance between putting their children’s needs first and actively pursuing their own dreams and aspirations. For business development manager, social media influencer and makeup artist Tamieka Boodie, focusing on her mini-me, while prioritizing her own self-care, is never easy, but necessary.

“My daughter is my only child, so it’s important to me to be her biggest cheerleader, her best friend and to ensure that she constantly feels empowered in every way possible, especially when it’s about finding her voice. We do everything together, there’s no celebration in my life that she’s not a part of,” Boodie said. Still, she admitted he was becoming more and more difficult to practice self-care with the demands of motherhood and professional obligations.


Incorporating self-care as part of her regimen was the answer. “As mothers, we are sacrificial by nature, so it’s almost like when you go out or probably go get your nails done, you almost feel guilty because it’s so frowned upon, especially with social media. However, I’ve realized that I can’t be my best for her, if I’m not feeling well either then I make sure I take care of myself as well,” she said passionately.

Recognized by Baileys as a “modern day mom” for 2022, Boodie, who wears many hats, credits a strong support system for keeping her ship afloat. “It really takes a whole village to raise a child, and I’m happy to know that I have my parents, his father’s parents and my friends to help me. As mothers, we tend to want to do everything on our own, but we have to recognize that we can lean on others once they are ready to support us.

For Boodie, a modern-day mom lives her life in a positive and fulfilling way. She urged anyone aspiring to motherhood to understand that the journey is not linear. “Motherhood has evolved in so many ways, and I think it’s important for every mother to be self-aware, adaptable and confident in her decisions for her child. I also implore mothers to shed the definition of balance in textbooks and creating their own version. Sometimes balance means getting your child to work with you. Balance doesn’t have to be setting aside time; sometimes things overlap and it’s It’s normal not to understand everything or to be perfect in this area. What matters is that you understand that it is a process and that you enjoy the festivities that come with it. You will have a little crisis from time to time. time, but don’t be too hard on yourself,” the makeup enthusiast shared.

Baileys, the original Irish Cream, celebrates the spirit of modern femininity, saying mothers can be strong and feminine, beautiful and spirited. Boodie and two other career-minded moms received chic Mother’s Day packages to celebrate their success raising families, while becoming the best versions of themselves.


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